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           110 Minutes Remain                                                10:10 PM

Just as the "glass is half full" phrase encourages a positive outlook by emphasizing what's available rather than what's already consumed, 1440TIME™ encourages a positive outlook by emphasizing what's remaining (110 minutes) rather than what's already consumed, it's 10:10 PM. If you're thinking about "minutes left in a day," you're focusing on the remaining time you have available to accomplish tasks, enjoy activities, or spend time with loved ones. Just like the "glass is half full" analogy suggests that there is still time left to make the most of the day's opportunities.

1440 Minute Countdown Clock

Think Outside The Clock



1440TIME 1440

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Let the Calibration Begin!!

Watch the Nano-Micro-Milli for 20 Seconds then move down to the seconds below for a quick 10 seconds...

And you will notice the millisecond 1/1000 of a second is beginning to come into focus slowing down...

Time Display with Spacing
Enjoy the slow time... complements of 1440TIME™
 It is the Real Deal!!

Crazy!!! Right? 
Enjoy the Magic of 1440TIME™!!! 

There is nothing you can't accomplish if you want it!! 

Things I Must Earn...


Hope you enjoyed this real-time demonstration of the Power and Magic of 1440TIME™... 

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The Clock Matrix


       Real-Time 1440TIME


Are you ready...?


BOX is good... but too slow for 2024... 
We need to also!!!

Let's Get Ready to Calibrate

First, watch the Milli-Micro and the Nanoseconds for 20 Seconds. As you do, you will notice the milliseconds begin to slow... 

Then proceed down to the seconds below and the minutes. There you will witness slow time...

Time Display with Spacing
1440TIME™ Minutes left today 

 Enjoy the slow time...  It is the Real Deal!!

Do you have 180 minutes left in your day or is it 
 9:00 p.m. and the show is starting?

The time is always 1/2 full with 1440TIME™! 

"To measure is to know" Lord Kelvin

1440 Minute Countdown
Measuring time is just better than telling time for the world we are in today!

There is nothing you can't accomplish if you want it!!


Just don't blame Father Time!!! 

You have the time! 

Nothing like turtle time 😉

Things I Must Experience...
Things Must Earn...
Things Must End...


Hope you enjoyed this real-time demonstration of the Power and Magic of 1440TIME™

Please enjoy the time...

1440 Minute Countdown Clock
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The Magic of 1440TIME


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Just watch for 20 seconds

Nano Micro Milli

1440TIME Minutes left today! You have plenty of time! Relax...

1440TIME Calibration Nano Micro Milli


1440TIME with Milliseconds

Copy of Slowing down the time of your mind


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Speeding up time to slow it down...

Speed reading techniques often employ an intriguing approach: paragraphs flash rapidly on a computer screen, initially blazing at a staggering 10,000 words per minute. This speed then tapers down to 5,000, 2,500, 1,000, 750, 500, and finally, 300 words per minute. When the display slows to 500 words per minute, it already feels like a leisurely stroll; at 300, it's reminiscent of the tediousness of drying paint. This method, though simple in its execution, has been proven effective. Why not test it out yourself? Continuous practice holds the key to mastering this art. While most individuals read at a pace of 200-250 words per minute, a mere week of committed practice can amplify one's reading speed by an astounding 100-300 percent with ease.

The Science of Speed 

In today's world governed by clocks, we recognize four primary time units: the hour, minute, second, and millisecond. Among these, the hour remains our most customary measure. However, in the context of the Information and Communication age of the 21st century, isn't the hour starting to feel rather outdated? The comparison might sound extreme, but it's not unlike resorting to a 56k modem in an age of FIOS, cable, or 5G Wi-Fi. Relying on the hour is analogous to browsing with a computer from 1999. If we weren't aware of the leaps in internet connectivity, then surely, the dial-up modem and older computer would feel adequate. But knowing the advances we've made, why remain anchored to an antiquated approach to time?

Have you ever considered the idea of reshaping time itself? It's a fascinating thought, isn't it? This principle, seemingly abstract, has been a cornerstone in my life for years, demonstrating its power time and again. Now, I extend an invitation to you. Step into this temporal realm that has sculpted my past 15 years. Join me on this profound exploration, and let's redefine the essence of time together.

Consider this: within a single second lie a staggering 1,000,000,000 nanoseconds and 1,000 milliseconds. It's this very millisecond precision that is showcased in the Olympics, basketball games, and many of the world's leading sports, typically represented by the familiar millisecond clock. My contribution to this dialogue on time? I've developed a structured framework that consists of four unique temporal tiers. In this arrangement, microseconds and milliseconds are distinctly delineated, while seconds, minutes, and hours remain as traditionally understood. They serve as the foundational units for the subsequent practice drills and demonstrations detailed below. But before we embark on this exploration, there's a critical initial step: "Clear the mechanism." This sets the stage for the demonstrations and practice drills to follow. First, though you have to "clear the mechanism."

How to slow down the clock in your mind
"Clear the Mechanism"

To "clear the mechanism" is to free your mind from the clutter occupying valuable mental real estate. This includes distractions that hinder concentration, diminish potential, obstruct goal attainment, and drain clarity, discipline, energy, and purpose. Think of it like the blinkers worn by racehorses. These simple devices shield the horse from the distractions of roaring crowds and competing horses running alongside. Much in the same way, when you 'clear the mechanism' in your mind, you equip yourself with an unseen set of blinkers, channeling your focus directly forward and propelling you unwaveringly towards your finish line.

Watch this short YouTube clip from the movie "For the Love of The Game", with Kevin Costner.

Being able to "Clear the Mechanism" of your mind allows you to see clearly. You know what you need to do and how to do it.

Let's initiate the process by gradually slowing down the mental clock.

Step 1.  Microseconds

Clear your mind now and concentrate on the microseconds (100mph) passing by the screen from 999-000 for the next twenty seconds...

Microsecond Display

Your mind is clear—your focus is powerful—and you're concentrating perfectly.

Let's move on to step 2. to the slower milliseconds (90mph) and see how your brains manage this speed.

Step 2.   Milliseconds

Time now has begun to slow. Concentrate for twenty seconds on the ever-slowing movement of the numbers counting up, as perceptional clock time is now slowing... slowing down even more now. 

Millisecond Display

Let's move to step 3. and continue the slow down of time process.

Step 3.   Seconds

Our objective today is to shift our thinking towards minutes. The exercises involving nano, millie, and second clocks are more than just drills. They challenge our brain to adapt and evolve in alignment with the demands of the 21st century, pushing our mental boundaries even further. This expansion of the mind is akin to strengthening a muscle by incrementally increasing the weights on a barbell.

Consider the EMT or the Day-Trader: professionals who dwell within the confines of the minute clock, where mere seconds can mean the difference between life and death, or profit and loss. For the broader population, especially in places like America, the conventional hour-centric perspective might linger for some time. But for those willing to push the envelope, a more granular sense of time awaits.

Step 4. Minutes 

Turn your attention to the minute clock below. For the next sixty seconds, immerse yourself fully in the experience. It might test your patience—alternatively, you can hold your breath to feel the length of the minute. These exercises form an integral part of our brain calibration journey, aimed at grounding the mind in the present and altering our perception of time's pace.

Tune into the gradual progression of each second. Root yourself firmly in the present moment. Allow ambient noises to deepen your focus on the ticking time, turning them into anchors that tether you to the now. Inhale deeply, and exhale slowly...

Feel the expansion of your mind. Suddenly, time feels abundant. It's no longer a fleeting resource but a vast ocean available to you. The only limitations on what you can accomplish with this newfound expanse are the constraints you place on yourself. Remember, time is not an adversary but a steadfast companion, ready to be harnessed for your goals.

As you've allowed minutes to elongate within your mental perception, shift your focus now to the "1440TIME" indicator below. This represents the number of minutes still available to you today. Make each one count.
1440 Real-Time Countdown

That's a lot of TIME!!!!

Relax and enjoy the 1000 minutes of waking time daily you have, and tell the to Rabbit relax! We have plenty of time.

Ok, we are done with nanoseconds, milliseconds, seconds, and minutes, now let's look at the hour clock. The hours below are based on the 24-hour clock or military time, the second-best clock in our current time system in the world today. Let us move to step four.

Step 5.  Hour

The hour remains the foundational time unit our minds instinctively gravitate towards for the better part of our days. Yet, during the morning rush—preparing for work or ushering kids to school—aren't we all keenly attuned to every passing minute? Now, gaze upon the hour clock below. Of course, you don't need to study it for a full sixty minutes. But try to imagine, with your mind now aligned to 1440TIME™, how prolonged and expansive that hour might seem. For many, however, it simply slips away—just another fleeting hour in the ongoing continuum of life.

Hey clown... still thinking by the hour huh...
Good luck with that!

In conclusion, you've journeyed from an antiquated perspective, shackled to the timekeeping of bygone eras, and transitioned to the ultra-responsive, fiber-optic perception of time fitting for our 21st-century pace. Welcome to the future of time consciousness. Embrace it. Cherish it. And most importantly, make every moment count.
The 1440 download is now complete. Your brain is now fully calibrated for the correct clock speed for the 21st century!

Time Dilation for 1440TIME

Micro: 0

Mill: 0

Second: 0

1440TIME Minutes Left Today: 1440
Who does't have 15 minutes to chip at that goal you have.