Are you ready...?


BOX is good... but too slow for 2024... 
We need to also!!!

Let's Get Ready to Calibrate

First, watch the Milli-Micro and the Nanoseconds for 20 Seconds. As you do, you will notice the milliseconds begin to slow... 

Then proceed down to the seconds below and the minutes. There you will witness slow time...

Time Display with Spacing
1440TIME™ Minutes left today 

 Enjoy the slow time...  It is the Real Deal!!

Do you have 180 minutes left in your day or is it 
 9:00 p.m. and the show is starting?

The time is always 1/2 full with 1440TIME™! 

"To measure is to know" Lord Kelvin

1440 Minute Countdown
Measuring time is just better than telling time for the world we are in today!

There is nothing you can't accomplish if you want it!!


Just don't blame Father Time!!! 

You have the time! 

Nothing like turtle time 😉

Things I Must Experience...
Things Must Earn...
Things Must End...


Hope you enjoyed this real-time demonstration of the Power and Magic of 1440TIME™

Please enjoy the time...

1440 Minute Countdown Clock
Back to the site... you are ready!

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