The Time Factor Book


“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” - George Patton

      This book was designed as the ultimate tool for motivation—personal growth and eventual to surpass the current level of time awareness you have right now, but it takes a different approach from other books of this sort that require substantial conscious effort. Why? Because sustained conscious effort is where most people seem to misfire. Blame it on effortful control if you want. Effortful control is the ability to regulate one’s responses to external stimuli, and since we have plenty of that, with relationships, kids, smart-phones, emails, and the media, no wonder why we can’t concentrate for any length of time on some of the most important things in our lives.
      This approach may be new and unique, but I believe that all you need is a slight shift in your subconscious to bring you powerful, long-lasting results, and you can do this instinctually, with little or no effort. It’s much the same as the way a child learns to ride a bike: After just a few run-a-longs, solo pushes, and perhaps a spill or two, instinct takes over and the feet begin to push the pedals unconsciously—and once learned you cannot unlearn how to ride a bike. At this point, the journey down the road of life has begun and there is no turning back.

            The Time Factor is the blueprint that will help you chart a new way of seeing and doing things in your life immediately. It will correct the chronic delusion of the current standard clock and calendar that pervades the mind unconsciously, having you conforming to an erroneous cadence.
      You will see time as a mindset and that when recognized; it becomes your greatest asset of all-time.
      I think you’ll soon agree that its methods will be the prerequisite for all time management and motivational books on the market today, as these books are missing two ingredients (1440TIME and The 1440 Power System®), and we all know what happens when an ingredient has been left out of a recipe.
      For those who are ready, The Time Factor will take a mere spectator to a significant player—or will take a significant player to one of the best players in the greatest game of allthe Game of Life.

      I am extremely honored to have this new association with you. That you are reading this material now shows that you are looking for even more in your life. Readers are leaders after all.
      Please know that the thoughts I present here are my own, a composite of many years of experience's, drive, passion, and learning from others that have culminated in this simple but powerful message.

Enjoy the book and welcome to the world of real time.

1. Time

“If today was the last day of your life, what would you do?” — Steve Jobs

      I am the timekeeper, a time planner, a time coach, and a time salesman. In other words, I sell, track and give more time…because who does not want more time? The bonus is that this time is free! Well, maybe not entirely free. The cost of time is that we are each allowed only one full rotation around the Life Clock and only twenty-four hours in each one of those days. Shortly, however, we will explore exactly how we can experience a new Time Awareness System (TAS) that gives you more time, hence slowing down the Life clock.
      This book’s premise is that, by challenging our long-held assumptions about time, we can change our lives. This premise is built on the belief that we have been living in the twenty-first century in a way that is fundamentally flawed and out of sync with time as we know it today. Why do I make this statement? Because we are still using the same time system that was used by ancient civilizations, even though it has long been diverging with the world as we know it. It’s time to ask: Why are we still using an outdated chronometer modeled by early humans during the times of chariots, mummies, and allegoric gods in the twenty-first century?
      The now is all we have and it is all we’ve ever had. Even though we know this at a deeper level to be true, it seems so hard to stay on track in our fast-past world. Our mind is so easily distracted; there is so much to do, so much going on, and so much to hear that we lose sight of the now. We get lost and wrapped up in the clock and calendar of our existence—which becomes the now. And those series of now’s become your story (journey) or even purpose without knowing it. Life has become a chain of time limitations; a sequence of appointments, birthdays, TV shows, holidays, jobs, events, weekends, and ultimately the illusion of time passing by quickly. Time flies, as we say and hear all the time.

      So, what can we do? How can we slow it down, make it more fulfilling, purposeful, fun, productive, loving, enjoyable, and yes, even more money! There’s hope!

      The Time Factor answers these questions and more, providing a simple but powerful insight into the world of time and money—a new found awareness that will alter your perception of the clock and cash forever.


Welcome to a transformational journey, one that is designed to elevate your motivation, foster personal growth, and redefine your relationship with time. But here's the twist: We're taking a different path from traditional self-help books that demand significant conscious effort.

In a world overloaded with demands – from relationships, children, smartphones, and emails, to media – it's no surprise that sustaining conscious effort often leads to misfires. Blame it on 'effortful control,' the ability to manage responses to external stimuli. We're all familiar with it, and it's the reason why we struggle to focus on what truly matters.

Our approach is fresh and unique, requiring only a subtle shift in your subconscious. Think of it like a child learning to ride a bike: a few wobbly starts, solo pushes, and maybe a fall or two, but soon instinct takes over. Riding becomes second nature, and there's no turning back.

Enter 'The Time Factor,' your blueprint for an immediate transformation in how you perceive and manage time. It shatters the chronic illusion created by conventional clocks and calendars, liberating you from an unconscious adherence to an erroneous cadence.

With this perspective, time becomes more than a measure; it transforms into a mindset – your greatest asset, perhaps of all time. You'll soon discover that the methods within these pages are the missing ingredients in the current landscape of time management and motivation literature, '1440TIME™' and 'The 1440 Power System®.'

For those ready to evolve, 'The Time Factor' will propel you from a mere spectator to a significant player or even elevate a significant player to the best in the grandest game of all – the Game of Life.

I am deeply honored to embark on this journey with you. Your presence here signifies a quest for more in life, for as we say, readers are leaders. Rest assured, the wisdom shared here is a culmination of years of experience, unwavering drive, boundless passion, and the invaluable lessons learned from others.

Embrace this book, and step into the world of real-time transformation.



This book explores new concepts that are not widely known.  I decided to share this proactive discovery 1440TIME and The 1440 Power System® with everyone, but it will greatly impact those who are self-driven and looking to raise the bar even higher.

I did not “invent” the concept of a new time clockInstead, I took an “old time” concept in place for thousands of years and upgraded the speed for modern times.  My desire to “be better” and to strive for more has led me to transform the old “standard” view of time into the new dynamic and powerful 21st concept called 1440TIME™ and the connector--The1440 Power System®.  When applied correctly, it will change how you see, experience, and value time forever.

Dear Future Time Masters,

It is with great pleasure that I present The 1440 Power System®/1440TIME™ book to you.  Its secret blend of ingredients will activate and optimize your life, enabling time to flow seamlessly and naturally as the past, present, and future collide to form the only time that matters—this moment. The now is all we have, and even though it seems easy to say and think, it is much harder to stay in the now consistently. Since many people spend so much time “thinking” of the “past” and the “future,” are they living and taking in all that the now offers?

The 1440 Power System® was created to help anyone become present, stay present, and live in presence by using a simple but ingenious strategy for even the most unconscious of minds to reconcile. 1440 TIME™ is the cornerstone of this 21st-century principle, utilizing a patent 1440 Minute Countdown Clock to activate time awareness, enabling anyone to get present anytime, anywhere at a glance.

As found in The Time Factor book, the ancient standard clock has been exposed for what it is: an outdated modus operandi for those times still being used for our times! Because of this erroneous subconscious program, many suffer from Times Fault Syndrome™ (TFS) and other time-related stress disorders, affecting lives emotionally and their productivity.   In addition to those, a subtle, yet maybe the most important one is, “People feel as though time is moving faster and faster as they age!”  Who doesn’t think that—except for kids under twenty-five or maybe Bernie Madoff?

 Enjoy the gift of TIME…

Kevin McGrane

Slowing Down the Clock of your Mind

Connect & Download 1440

Speeding up time to slow it down...

One of the methods taught in speed reading involves displaying paragraphs rapidly on your computer screen, starting at an impressive rate of 10,000 words per minute and gradually decreasing to 5,000, 2,500, 1,000, 750, 500, and 300. By the time you reach 500 words per minute, the pace feels noticeably slower, and at 300 words per minute, it becomes akin to watching paint dry. Applying this straightforward technique yields tangible results. You can give it a try yourself. With consistent practice, anyone can master speed reading. The average person typically reads around 200-250 words per minute, but in just one week or even less, dedicated practice can lead to a remarkable 100-300 percent increase in reading speed effortlessly.

The Science of Speed 

There are four hierarchical units of time: the hour, minute, second, and millisecond, which we commonly employ in our contemporary world of clocks. The hour stands as the prevalent and default temporal measurement, yet I am proposing a reconsideration of its relevance in the context of the 21st century's Information and Communication age. Presently, it's comparable to utilizing a 56k modem for dial-up internet browsing, akin to using a computer from 1999. The question arises: why persist with such an approach? Imagine if we were unaware of the existence of FIOS, cable, or 5G Wi-Fi; under those circumstances, dial-up and the dated computer would suffice.

What if the same principle could be applied to time itself? It's an intriguing notion worth pondering. After all, this approach has been effective in my life for several years and continues to prove its efficacy even today. And now, you have the opportunity to delve into the same temporal experience that has shaped my last 15 years. Let's embark on this journey together.

A single second encompasses 1,000,000,000 nanoseconds and 1000 milliseconds—the very unit of time utilized in the Olympics, basketball games, and numerous other prominent global sporting events (as depicted in the conventional millisecond clock). Nevertheless, my accomplishment through the utilization of demonstrations involves creating a framework comprising four distinct temporal layers. These layers segregate microseconds and milliseconds. Meanwhile, seconds, minutes, and hours retain their original configuration, forming the basis for the practice drills and demonstrations elucidated below. However, prior to delving into these exercises, an essential preliminary step is to "clear the mechanism." as they are for demonstration and practice drills below. First, though you have to "clear the mechanism."

How to slow down the clock in your mind
"Clear the Mechanism"

Clearing the mechanism is about letting go of everything that is taking up parking space in your mind. The stuff that stops you from concentrating, being more, robbing you of completing goals, clarity, discipline, energy, and purpose. When you ‘clear the mechanism’, much like a racing horse that wears blinkers, it enables the horse to concentrate, run properly and not get distracted by the noise of the crowd, or other horses running next to them. The blinkers help keep the horse moving forward to the finish line.

Watch this short YouTube clip from the movie "For the Love of The Game", with Kevin Costner.

Being able to "Clear the Mechanism" of your mind allows you to see clearly. You know what you need to do and you how to do it.

Let's initiate the process by gradually slowing down the mental clock.

Step 1.  Microseconds

Clear your mind now and concentrate on the microseconds (100mph) passing by the screen from 999-000 for next twenty seconds...

Microsecond Display

Your mind is clear—your focus is powerful—and you're concentrating perfectly. 

Let's move on to step 2. to the slower milliseconds (90mph) and see how your brains manage this speed.

Step 2.   Milliseconds

Time now has begun to slow. Concentrate for twenty seconds on the ever slowing movement of the numbers counting up, as perceptional clock-time is now slowing... slowing down even more. 

Millisecond Display

Let's move to step 3. and continue the slow down of time process.

Step 3.   Seconds

Seconds Countdown
Thinking in minutes is the aim here today. The nano, millie, and second clocks are exercises designed to force your brain beyond its current thinking for the 21st century, pushing the envelope even further. Allowing your mind to expand, much like driving a muscle by adding more weight to the bar. 

The EMT and the Day-Trader are two examples of jobs that require living inside the minute clock when life or money can be lost inside seconds. For mainstream America, the hour clock state of mind will be here for a little while. 

Step 4. Minutes 

Look now at the minute flash clock below for sixty seconds, this will test your patience, or you can hold your breath for the long minute. This is all part of the overall brain calibration process of bringing the mind present and slowing down perceptional time. 

Concentrate on the slowness of the time passing by. Focus and stay in the here and now. Any sound you hear in the room around you only allows you to concentrate more deeply on the slowness of the time passing. Breadth in deeply and breadth out...

Minutes Countdown

Your mind is now expanding. You have so much time now. Time is on your side and what you can do with all of it is only limited by the excuses you can conjure up. Time is your ally, your best friend, and not the enemy. 

As the minutes have slowed in your mind's eye, look at the 1440TIME below, these are how many minutes you have left in this day in time.
1440 Real-Time Countdown

That's a lot of TIME!!!!

Relax and enjoy the 1000 minutes of waking time daily you have, and tell the to Rabbit relax! We have plenty of time.

Ok, we are done with nanoseconds, milliseconds, seconds and minutes, now let's look at the hour clock. The hours below are based on the 24-hour clock or military time, the second best clock in our current time system in the world today. Let us move to step four.

Step 5.  Hour

The hour is the basis of the time that our current brain and mind still default too, for at least most of the day. In the morning before work, or the getting the kids off to school, we are all on the minute clock, right? Take a look at the hour flash clock below, and no... you don't have to look at it for sixty minutes but imagine now that you are calibrated to 1440TIME™ how long that would feel? But unfortunately for most, it's just another hour in another day of their live's. 

Hey clown... still thinking by the hour huh...

So there you have it. You have rid yourself of the outdated chronometer from the ancient worlds and have moved to the fiber-optic equivalent of time for the 21st century...

I know you're out there 
I can feel you now
I know that you're afraid
You're afraid of us
You're afraid of change
I don't know the future
I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end
I came here to tell you how this is going to begin
I'm going to hang up this phone
And then I'm going to show these people what you don't want them to see
I'm going to show them a world without you
A world without standard clock time
A world where anything is possible 
A world where time has value and meaning
Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you

More Time for the smarter mind... 

1440TIME Watch Samples

Here are a few concept watches made using my Utility Patent "Countdown Minute Clock". The actual concept of creating a 1440TIME™ timepiece came to me five years after I finished my first book 'The Time Factor' that was my second flash of genius that hit me! The same standard clock still used today has never been upgraded for the speed of our modern day world! Everything evolves, but the clock hasn't!  

Many people read great motivational books and attend seminars to get back on track, but as time passes, the words, concepts and motivation wane. Hence, why Tony Robbins created Life Coaches to keep those going and engaged after the big high is over. With my work, you get to read my books to get the understanding and motivation, and wear a 1440TIME™ watch on your wrist or smartwatch to keep you motivated all day... every day! 

Ownership of understanding is motivation in itself! 

And, since I use "TIME" on your wrist for the source that drives the motivation for everything you want in your life, you must own it! Who else would? For those who are already successful and have the money, 1440TIME™ is what you have been looking for! Since you have the money already, the only thing you crave is more TIME... and now you have 12,000% more perceptional daily clock time than everyone else to enjoy your life even more!!!

The idea is to license 1440TIME™ to any of the hundreds of watch companies out there.

All watches made by Flash-Clocks Marco Avila

US Patent