Weekends OFF huh!!  No! WEEKENDS ON!!!
This is where 1440TIME™ shines!!
Every day is just another 1440 minutes. The word Saturday has an anchored meaning for most...OFF! It has been there since you were a kid, and now as an adult what has changed? The same could be said for Sunday...? 

You have 900-1000 waken minutes every weekend! That's all it is! Get rid of the attachment! Saturday and Sunday are just words after all? And don't let confirmation bias get the best of you!

Do you know what I do with my 2,000 weekend minutes ON? Nice....much better. 

When you use 1440TIME™ on weekends as On-Time, it's an entirely new ball game.

So what's it going to be? You going swing the back or just watch someone else swing the bat!!??