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How is your life? Are you where you thought you would be right now, as you look back when you were 25,30,35, 40, or 50? Have your dreams faded off into the sunset, as time seems to be moving faster by now, having this sick feeling in your gut that life is passing you by?

It's time to get unstuck!!! 

Time inside the Matrix

Is TIME really moving faster these days? Was TIME slower when we were younger? Is the speed of TIME out of control in society today?  Do you wish you could slow your months and years down? Are you living on someone else's clock or maybe the Matrix of some simulated reality of past civilizations CLOCK and CALENDAR SYSTEM? Is your TIME being controlled by old beliefs, your rituals, the economy, others, your sports team, music idols, print media, TV shows, Hollywood, social networks and many other hypnotic TIME distractions that keep you lost in the Matrix of TIME unaware—spiraling to some unknown or undetermined destination, yet ready to blame Father Time for not having enough at the drop of a hat?
What is TIME? Is it just a word in our minds—a place we have to be—an appointment we have to keep or make? Is it the old pictures and old songs of the past—maybe it’s the timelines on our face or is it the future wedding of a daughter—a completion of some future goal or maybe even the vacation coming in the spring? TIME, like a pendulum on a clock, always ticking back and forth—like people always thinking of the past and the future—tick tocking away—leaving out the only time, there is, the moment right now.

"The greatest obstacle to life’s power is not what you think it is—it is the illusion of time" Kevin McGrane

News alert!!! November 10th 2009
Nielsen reports that for 2008-2009 TV viewing hit an all-time high, as Americans spent an average of almost 5 hours a day in front of the TV, up to 20% from 10 years ago.

That amount of time spent watching TV is as much as three years of college, over 100,000 minutes!!!
November 19th 2009 Time spent viewing video on social networking sites increased 98 percent year-over-year from 503.8 million minutes in October 2008 to 999.4 million minutes in October 2009.

Time = life; therefore, waste your time and waste of your life, or master your time and master your life.   Alan Lakein

Expand & Slow Down Clock Time

Look under the microscope and begin your journey down the rabbit hole!!... 

The first thing you will see is that time is actually moving much much faster than the standard clock would have you believe! This is the first observation you need to make before you enter the 1440TIME experience...

This is the quick starter method to calibrate your brain, which will start to slow time down immediately... the effect is potent and real!! We will be is using relativity to slow down time... by first having you look at the Nanoseconds zooming by for 20 seconds, then to the Millisecond for 20 seconds, proceeding to the traditional second and finally to the minute. 

What happens is, as the brain processes the nano (one billionth of a second/super-fast) then moves to milliseconds (one-thousandth of a second/fast), the milli-seconds now slow and you're able to see the numbers passing by quite easy! Next, when you move to the traditional second...time now slows dramatically. Finally, watch the minute... and wait an entire minute to go by, if you can!? And yes, it will change... Amazing how long a minute will have seemed! 

  • Start by putting your hand over the millisecond to the right and look at the nanosecond for 20 billion nano-seconds or 20 seconds...
  • Now cover the nanosecond and look at the milliseconds for 20 thousand milliseconds or 20 seconds... Easier to see huh? That's relativity!

  • Now move down and look at the traditional slow is that!!!? 
  • Now take a look and see if you have enough patience to wait a full minute until the minute time changes!! I doubt it... Who has the time!

Let's put it all together and take a look at the 1440TIME™ watch and the minute portion the time of the day to the right.


When you look at the 1440TIME watch, you will see standard clock time on top and 1440TIME below under the Sun.  When you break time now down to minutes you just have more perceptional! And when you add the counting down feature of those minutes, they become tangible... more valuable, and a slight sense of urgency has now been created! 

And whatever time it is for you at this moment you're looking at this, look at the minutes you have left today! Ahh... a different perspective huh? Even if it's 9:00 p.m., you still have 180 slow calibrated minutes to work on that goal, don't you?  Or, just to enjoy the time before sleep, is all good too... It doesn't much matter!

The download process has begun. Let's get back to the website... we've much work to do.

1440TIME™ Watches


Limitless The Movie "We only use 20% of our brain power" "We only use 5% or less of our "free-time" for Personal Power & Growth

TIME Conversion Table to Minutes
  •      1 year     =       525,600   minutes
  •      1 month  =          44,640   minutes
  •      1 week    =          10,080   minutes
  •      1 day      =            1,440   minutes
  •      2 hours   =               120   minutes
  •      1 hour     =                60   minutes

       Free minutes one workweek = 2,100 
  •     Using seven hours for Sleep 
  •     Ten hours for work 
     Free minutes on weekends  = 1,920
  •     Using eight hours sleep
  •     Sixteen for waking hours

      Total free minutes on the average 

       = 209,000, or 145 days.

     That is as much time as:
o   Two MLB seasons
o   1,666 reruns of the Seinfeld 

o   A four-year bachelor’ degree

"What was this drug? I couldn't stay messy on it. So abstemious and tidy. What was this? A drug for people who wanted to me more anal retentive. I wasn't high. I wasn't wired. Just clear. I knew what I needed to do and how to do it". Eddie Mora

1440TIME™ is like NZT-48!!

1440TIME™ increases the perception of the amount of time you have in a day by 12,000%!!! 

Imagine having 100% time-power and you pair some of those 1,440 daily minutes with technology & the information highway? There is nothing you couldn't learn, do , or become!

Reading, writing, working-out, online courses, higher education, stock market, Google, You Tube, finances, house chores, home maintenance,  

You have the time now to think your way to success!!!

You know what you have to do and have the time to do it now!!!

                      Minutes left today above and minutes left below in your 2018 SEASON...


TIME: Things I Must Earn

The Clock Matrix

We start as a child learning "how to tell time" and the names of the "days of the week", as Mondays make us feel "yuk" "Fridays" make us feel "happy" and the "weekends" make us feel"very happy". Then we get older and start our first job that further embeds the sequence except, Friday becomes "pay day"! This pattern stays with most of us for life...! Up until now, that is!!!

System Restored


Weekends OFF huh!!  No! WEEKENDS ON!!!
This is where 1440TIME™ shines!!
Every day is just another 1440 minutes. The word Saturday has an anchored meaning for most...OFF! It has been there since you were a kid, and now as an adult what has changed? The same could be said for Sunday...? 

You have 900-1000 waken minutes every weekend! That's all it is! Get rid of the attachment! Saturday and Sunday are just words after all? And don't let confirmation bias get the best of you!

Do you know what I do with my 2,000 weekend minutes ON? Nice....much better. 

When you use 1440TIME™ on weekends as On-Time, it's an entirely new ball game.

So what's it going to be? You going swing the back or just watch someone else swing the bat!!??

1440TIME™ Sunrise to Sunset

The simple joy of living between the sunrises was gone. 
From the Timekeeper by Mitch Albom


TIME is Blinded by the Clock and Hidden by the Calendar

The eye can't see what the brain doesn't know 

You’re about to witness the single greatest change in the way you experience TIME in your lifetime, once the ancient clock and calendar story is finally brought to light. 

You’ve been living on someone else’s clock-time (Gregorian Calendar System 1582), a matrix, a replicated reality of past civilizations thinking of that time! The single greatest delusion of our time

Well here it is here we go! The first thing you have to realize is, you believe the clock and calendar to be gospel like. It is what you know and everybody you know...knows. There is something called the Cognitive Dissonance Theory: According to cognitive dissonance theory, there is a tendency for individuals to seek consistency among their cognitions (i.e., beliefs, opinions). When there is an inconsistency between attitudes or behaviors (dissonance), something must change to eliminate the dissonance. Source

Let's say it another way; people tend to seek consistency in their beliefs. So what happens when one of your beliefs conflicts with another previously held belief? Or what happens if you engage in behaviors that are in conflict with your beliefs? The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe feelings of discomfort that result from holding two conflicting beliefs. When there is an inconsistency between beliefs and behaviors, something must change in order to eliminate or reduce the dissonance.  Cognitive dissonance plays a role in many value judgments, decision-making process, and evaluations. Becoming aware of how conflicting beliefs impact the decision-making process is a great way to improve your ability to make faster and more accurate choices.


So you see introducing a new way to perceive time, while challenging a belief standard that the world only knows is a quite daunting 

"Think Outside the Clock"

We all have heard the saying "Think Outside the Box" but what does that mean? Cambridge Dictionary has a definition that says this: To think imaginatively using new ideas instead of traditional or expected ideas. It also means sticking and dealing with the problem longer than most would or could, and looking at it from various angles or sides.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Traditional Clock                   Imagination/ New Ideas 1440TIME™                                                                                                                                                                                                                          "Think Outside the Clock™" is similar to think outside the box! The difference being the "Clock" but the definition applies-To think imaginatively using new ideas instead of traditional or expected ideas.          

                      Hence 1440TIME™ was born!

Sense of Urgency: countdown using "time"

Time is the one of best motivating tools used today to create urgency, especially when it comes to selling, more specifically when a "countdown clock" is used, and ads like "hurry this offer ends soon". Timers trigger that urgency or scarcity in our brains to take action. Besides sales, we use them for all sorts of things to create that sense of urgency to help us complete a project or lose that weight before the wedding.

In sports a sense of urgency is a great motivating tactic; the last minute of a football game, the last ten seconds of a basketball game, or the overtime in a hockey game. Each player goes all out because it’s do-or-die time. What is it about some of these athletes that cause them to perform feats of greatness when they’re under extreme pressure and the clock is running out—as the fans hang in the balance, anticipating the outcome? Just imagine if we could live our lives with one-tenth of the intensity these athletes do when they’re playing those last ticks of the game clock! How much more could we do or become? 



What is The 1440 Power System®  

The 1440 Power System® is the connector to 1440TIME™. It breaks down the 1,440 minutes we have in a day and chunks them into three defined zones of our daily life cycle. Now by conditioning and repetition, in just a short time, providence takes over! Life now becomes clear and simpler... your destiny is now in your hands and sky's the limit!!! 

SleepLivelihoodOn-Time as shown below.

The Connector

It's the Minutes, not the hours that brings The 1440 Power System® to life!

1. Sleep is for resting and repairing the mind and body. 

2. Live-li-hood  
means of securing the necessities of life, one's existence, especially financially.   
It is how you support yourself and family.

When you play, play hard, when you work, don't play at all. 
Theodore Roosevelt

3. ON-TIME is the Difference Maker. Why is that? Because it is the only time-zone of the day that you own! Sleep is for sleeping and work-time is not your time! It is the company's time! If you are self-employed or your livelihood is your company, and is what you love to do, you have managed to combined two zones into one! A very powerful combination, and a key for success, happiness, and wealth! 

Look at 1440TIME™ above? Those are the minutes you have left todayWhat zone are you in?  What ever zone it is... simply own it, and enjoy the 1440Experience!