The Beginning of "Clock-Time"

From "The Time Factor Book"

Time has been studied by great minds from Copernicus (1473–1543) to Galileo (1564–1642), from Newton (1643–1727) to Einstein (1879–1955), and to the modern-day Stephen Hawking in his book A Brief History of Time. And though physics is a fascinating science and you will hear its overtones throughout this book, what we are talking about is much, much more. We are looking for the secret of time in a place available to each and every one of us: the natural world today.

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors used the night sky, along with other means like the water clock and the sundial, to estimate the passage of time. The nights were full of danger, darkness, and cold, while the day’s sun brought light, warmth, safety, and hope. Knowing when to plant the crops in the spring so the harvest would be plentiful in the fall meant survival through the harsh winter months. There was no TV, no Applebee’s, and no www. A night out at the movies was a front row seat in the universe’s arena, the night sky, watching the phases of the moon, the close planets, and the stars constantly rotating and providing help to navigate through the seasons of time. Did people then ponder the mysteries inherent in the world around them? Perhaps. Perhaps not. All we really know is that it was a way to capture the essence of time as a tool for survival.

It comes as no surprise, then, that our calendar and clock system is based on the Earth’s revolution around the sun and the moon’s monthly cycle. Early civilizations used the same measurements to tell time, but without the sophisticated equipment, we have today, like radar and satellites. For example, it was over three thousand years ago that the Egyptians decided to divide the day from sunrise to sunset into twelve parts. Was this a good idea? Sure, at least back then. But is this measurement system for quantifying time still valid for twenty-first-century men and women, outside the farmers and fishermen?

  Life was different then! So was the way people viewed time. But most people today don’t give time much thought—outside of their addiction and adherence to the tick-tocking of the twelve-hour mechanical clock system that has been handed down through the generations. As Deepak Chopra says, “most people are trapped in the hypnosis of social conditioning.”

      Greek mythology gave us Chronos, the god of linear time. The Romans gave us June for Juno, an ancient goddess; July and August for Julius and Augustus Caesar; March for Mars, the ancient god of war; and January for Janus, the god of opening and closing doors. The Northern Germanic tribes gave us the Norse gods: Thor the god of thunder, for Thursday. Interesting, yes, but times have changed! In Latin, September means “seven,” but September is our calendar’s ninth month; October, from the Latin octo, means “eight,” but October is our calendar’s tenth month. November comes from novem or “nine,” but is our eleventh month, and December comes from decem or “ten,” but is our twelfth month. In fact, the reason for these discrepancies is that Caesar added in a month of his own just because he could, as did his nephew Augustus, who followed in his footsteps.

Does this mean that we should use the same calendar, the one developed at the whim of others centuries ago?

Furthermore, our seven-day week comes from the seven most visible planets to man: the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter. They are just ancient beliefs and words from a time long past, systems created and changed over the years by the ancient or powerful of the moment to quantify time, likely implemented as a way to control the herd to pay their debts and taxes.

      The word calendar is derived from the Latin calendarium, meaning an interest or account book, and is related to the Latin word kalend, meaning “I cry!” (From The Origins of Our Modern Calendar by Linda Kerr). Debts were due and these books kept track of who paid and owed.

In fact, many of our words and systems are based on a time long past. Yes, these systems have been tweaked over the years to make them palatable by current standards, but at what cost? Are we being controlled by our quantification of time?

Are we being herded by an old clock and calendar in a way that actually is serving others, or maybe the powerful of today? Is our brain still calibrated to a time when information traveled by days and months, in a world of seconds and minutes today?

Are humans today being controlled subconsciously by an outdated clock and calendar system!!

“Be mindful of how you approach time. Watching the clock is not the same as watching the sunrise.” - Sophia Bedford-Pierce

Up until now, that is!?

A Chronology of Mechanical Horology

The Tyranny Of The Clock


History of time keeping devices Wikipedia
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Are we living in the world of Yellow Yield Signs?

How many other things are we missing or haven't seen for the last 20-40 years?

Isn't possible that the clock that you know and the calendar that you adhere to have you living in a world of an 
outdated time system...affecting your very existence, without knowing it?

                                                                       "Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change." Dr. Wayne Dyer

                                            The choice is yours?

Theoretical 1440TIME™

1440TIME™ is an innovation paradigm shift for the way to process time in the 21st century, yet the concept has been around since 1500 BC and was put into use around 560 BC!!

1440TIME™ is the missing link for those who are ready to breakout or have broken out already, but want to go for even more!!!


To measure or not to measure, that is the question?

1440TIME™ takes a holistic approach to improving the way users’ view time. By depicting the day as a countdown for the number of minutes left in a day,  i.e., sunup to moon-down. Rather than as the traditional mechanical 12-hour clock moving up throughout the day twice over. As this setup encourages individuals to view time in a more organic fashion, rather than as a relatively small number of discrete units, because the entire day is laid out before an individual as 1,440 units instead of 12 units overlapping(12 x 12,000%= 1,440). The current standard clock is broken into 12 units of time overlapping, as individuals today react to these numbered units out of habit, or a conditioned response. They are not in control of the clock, but the clock is subconsciously in of control them.  Many often feel they do not have time to complete given tasks or do not use all of their time efficiently on a given day because they do not adequately account for the fractional values of the hours (minutes) left and do not view time in a seamless, organic fashion. Think of 1440TIME™ as logarithmic and the current standard clock-time as linear. Furthermore, the fact that the 1440TIME™ clock counts down from a set value, rather than systematically aggregating time, 12:45, 12:46, 12:47 etc. gives individuals a sense of urgency because they can recognize that time is valuable as it is constantly being lost.

There are several benefits to using 1440TIME™ instead of a standard 12-hour overlapping clock. The primary benefit of 1440TIME™ is that it more closely aligns with the speed of velocity at which modern humans can receive information today. With the vast array of information available to the general population, people now can learn, get information and complete tasks in minutes instead of days, weeks and months, like the past generations had to endure. However, the traditional standard clock has not changed to recognize this shift in the speed of this new age of the technology and the information highway. It is inefficient for individuals to be thinking hour based today when information is just seconds away.  Such a system leads to not only wasted time that could be used more efficiently, but the system has most on auto-pilot, conditioned like a trained animal without knowing it! It's Monday Night! You know what that means now in the fall, right?

A second benefit of the 1440TIME™ clock is that it imparts asense of value to time that individuals may not necessarily recognize when using a traditional standard clock. Whereas the traditional standard clocks aggregate time and display it as steadily increasing throughout the day, 1440TIME™ counts down from the total number of minutes available each day. This countdown creates a sense of urgency in individuals’ minds that causes them to more accurately value time because it serves as a visceral reminder that one must value time highly since once it is gone, it is lost forever. Therefore, it is a precious commodity that must be recognized as such. 

The game has changed with the access of light 24 hours and now the internet for instant knowledge, information, and know-how. They have transformed the landscape for what is possible to do; learn and accomplish in one real full day in 2017. Modern times need a new modern time model that accurately represents the technological age we are in. We don’t need hours to get smarter, healthier, and to make more money. We just need minutes… everyday, including the weekends, paired with technology and the internet for greater exponential results. Of course, you must be one of the few that is looking for more in this great game called life.

1440TIME™ takes the sun out of the equation and focuses on how many minutes are left in this date-in-time.1440TIME™  
is designed to disrupt your current clock-time conscious. This innovation paradigm shift interrupts the current way the brain processes time, as time becomes your most important commodity you have, and turns plentiful. 

You can see on the 1440TIME™ watch(real time now EST), and the standard time (real time EST ) there are only two hands, the minute and the second.  It starts at 1440 and counts down until 0, which ends this date in time.  Depending on the time you are viewing this, you will see the sun or the moon. It is still set for the summer months EST 9:00 pm(360).  At 6:00 am (1080) the moon disappears, and the sun starts to rise. The sun and moon shown on this watch are more for a concept, an easier visual understanding; even though they accurately depict the movement of the sun and moon in one earth day in EST.  You can call it the 21st century sun-moon dial. 
  1440TIME™ expands on the human potential, but it is not for the sleepwalkers or those without goals. It is for those who want to maximize their great gift of time while here and go for more. If you don’t get this, or just find it interesting, you’re just not ready for it yet…

Minute Thinking for the Minute World!!!

Imagine seeing this at the Orlando Airport while approaching the Security Checkpoint!!

One hour or 60 minutes...

So, you think they are the same? The hour thinking world is a thing of the past! The world today is nothing like it was 2000 years ago or even 30 years ago, but we are still using the same hour mind set, clock, and calendar system in 2018! Think about it?

              ARE EVERY WHERE
You see these signs all over now!!!

News 12 Long Island Television

Orlando Airport
Amount of wait-time to pass the security checkpoint
Minutes are used everywhere in our modern society now, working inside the hour time frame, and when the countdown of those minutes are applied, time soon becomes tangible and manageable for the brain. Meaning, when we add a timeline (a start and end point), the mind settles down, knowing how long something will take, relaxes it and makes it manageable. Ok it says, I have 26 minutes to the Brooklyn Bridge, that's not bad? If you are in a traffic jam, or on a long line at an airport, the brain has no point of reference to how much time it will take, so 'time' becomes magnified therefor slows. The uncertainty of how long it will tale comes into play. That's why music plays, or a recording tells you how long the wait will be while waiting on hold on the phone. 

    "Control the Clock, Control the Game"

Just Say NO to the Hour!
It's contaminated with sub-standard thinking!!!


The old standard clock just doesn't cut it anymore in our modern times. Backward thinking and conventional wisdom don't apply here! 1440TIME™ is the new Gold Standard for clock time in our modern world. The combination of using minutes (instead of hours) and those minutes counting down throughout the day, will chang the game as we know it. A clock now that measures time (keeps you in the now and accountable) and not just tells you what time it is!

Once you look at and calibrate to time this way (declining minutes left in your day), you will have more time! Is it just perception? So what it if it is! If you had to watch a shadow move while out in the sun for 10 minutes or watch a pot of water boil, they would seem longer? And just imagine your head being held underwater for only one minute? How long would that minute feel? What you focus on expands, and once it expands, the brain starts to see time differently. It will break things or tasks down that you have to get done into measured minutes, no longer seeing hours to get something done! 


 The number you see in the white box is the number of minutes you have left on this date in time. Surely you have time for most anything when you look at it this way! 


I didn’t invent the concept of this new time-clock. I took an idea already in place for thousands of years and reinvented it for the 21st century. My desire to be better and always wanting more lead me to take something hidden in plain sight for all to see, transform it into a powerful motivational tool, and a new way to experience time altogether. And when mixed with today's technology, a sparkling cocktail of useful time and information is served. Where anyone can become better than they are right now. But remember, all I am offering is the truth, nothing more.


I was blind, now I see.

 Don't ask yourself what the world needsask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do it
 Howard Thurman


Streaming your way into the world of 1440Time™.

Why we need a new way to experience clock-time!

The two most significant perceptions are that we never seem to have an enough, and 'clock-time' seems to be moving way too fast by, as we get older—correct?  1440Time™ counteracts both of those erroneous perceptions, by slowing & expanding your perceptional reality of how the brain views time all together! 

The third one is real simple: It's the wrong blanking...time system for the 21st Century!!! Even if you think 1440TIME™ can't slow down time in reality, or your life is moving slow already, then just concentrate on the on the third reason then, it's a big enough one anyway! Stream your way into the 21st century and upgrade your processing speed of your brain!!

 Hey, you might be right about that, but it still works while the sun is up!

Why just have the sun caveman...? When you can have all the planets on an Apple watch today, and anything else you want to know at your fingertips in seconds?

Apple Watches

Welcome to the 21st century caveman!!

If everything is always changing and the speed of change is happening faster and faster, maybe a simple variation in the way we process time today is indeed in order?  

Are you learning as fast as the world is changing?

Samsung wearable-tech

Information and communication traveled at a snail's pace for eons, and now today we have smartphones and watches delivering information anywhere anytime in seconds in the palm of our hands or on our wrist! I mean think about it? What is so hard about the notion of a new way to process clock-time for the 21st century that pairs with today's technology, the speed at which information travels and the acceleration of knowledge that is available?  

The information highway has become the great equalizer to all who have access to the internet! Just about anyone today can learn whatever they want from the internet! That wasn't the case just fifteen or twenty years ago. So here are we today in 2018 the ability to learn anything and get the answers we want faster and simpler than ever....! But for many they just don't have enough time to figure this out or is it, it's just too easy to go with the crowd thinking?

Velocity in simple terms is the rate of speed that something happens. 

The 2008 Sichaun earthquake took a mere 7 minutes after it struck to travel 5,100 miles at an astonishing 38,250 mph!
Today in 2018 how about seconds!!!!!

So if the rate of speed measures the distance in the time it takes to get from point A to point B then how about the rate of speed that measures the time it takes to get information now? Today someone can find and get information for most anything in seconds; soon learn and apply that knowledge, and do something with it in blink time? Before the information highway, to get information might have taken days, weeks, months, years, or maybe you never understood what you were looking for! If we think of information as potential, then today we have unlimited potential at our disposal! That potential is exploited already daily by many mindful and business people, and the granddaddy Wall St., known as the "producers" of the time already, but unfortunately for Main St., this great potential is relegated to mostly entertainments and convenience uses, also known as the "consumers" of time...! Again, great for us capitalist!!

The future is here. It's just not widely distributed yet.—William Gibson

Here is a little something related to velocity for you baseball fans:

With many more pitchers now in the major leagues throwing the baseball over 100 mph for more extended periods of time and the relievers that can do the same from the 6th inning on, is altering the balance of power. The athletes today are better equipped, have better training methods, better nutritional regimens, and have more defined roles. For example; a relief pitcher might just pitch the 7th inning, or even just one batter, so they can go all out and throw as hard as they can, knowing they might only throw ten pitches or even just three, maybe even one.

Click here for more:
MLB pitchers velocity altering the balance of power


Why we need a new way to experience clock-time!

The clock and calendar system we currently use are basically the same since 46 BC and was tweaked in around 1582 and is called the Gregorian calendar.

This isn't about a conspiracy theory of the church, or that Mayans and that maybe the Incas had time right. It's just about applying some good ole common sense. "Time" was just different before the advent of computers and the Internet—period !!! Sure we can still keep the current clock & calendar as a way to keep social order and not interrupt the conditioning over the centuries, but just like Santa Claus even though he exists in the minds of most, it's only the kids who believe. The standard mechanical clock today is the Santa Claus for anyone over 30... (and should be 10). Sure you'll know what time it is on the standard clock, (5:00 pm) and the know the date on the calendar (December 24, 2017), but like Santa Claus, you'll know it's not real, it's what you have been programmed to think as REAL-TIME . . . since a child!!!

1440TIME gives a whole new way to experience time. It reminds us and keeps us constantly in the now, where we always belong! With 1440TIME™, every day is the same; it's just another 1440 minutes in a day in your life. Remember Santa Claus though, even though it will say Monday on the calendar, or you have an appointment at 4:30 pm, that's Santa Claus, it's not reality, it's just another 1440 minutes in another significant day of your life. And you have to be somewhere at 4:30 pm, sure keep that appointment and watch Monday Night Football... but you'll know that's what you had to do, or chose to do with your time!! 
Control the clock Control the game

"Unless people experience major changes that break the routine in their lives and provide them with anchors to retrieve from memory, life can become one short, timeless sequence of routine inaction".

There are is a lot of information out there today on how to slow down the clock of life and why this happens perceptional of course! Because in reality, 24 hours is 24 hours, whether you're 5, 25, 55, or 105 right!? But nobody has used this simple and never seen before innovative technique called 1440TIME™ as of yet.

 As we age, we pay less attention to time.

When you're a kid on November 22, you’re counting down the days until Santa brings your favorite doll or bike under the tree, it seems like it will never get here. When you're an adult on November 22 you're thinking about Thanks Giving, work, bills, family life, scheduling, deadlines, travel plans, holiday shopping, and all of that other adult stuff that fills the mind today, so that one month will fly by and it will be New Years Eve before you blink! As we get older things become routine, or habit. For many people their life becomes almost mechanical; Monday is this, Friday is that, the weekends are off,  as the clock and calendar have many following an hypnotic cadence, as life now seems to be trotting on down the road faster and faster.

So what and how does 1440TIME work?

There are 1440 minutes in one day (24 x 60 = 1,440), or 24 hours equals 1440 minutes, seemingly there is no difference. So what is the difference?

  1. Only people in the military where the 24-hour clock is used actual think in terms of 24 hours. Most think by the standard 12/12 clock model. That is when you look at the clock, and you see numbers 6,7,8,9, etc.. You're not thinking in terms of 24 hours! You're already programmed to think what that number means on the clock most of the time. 6:00 am might mean it's time to get up, 7:00 am you leave your house, 8:00 am might mean the time you clock in for work, 10:00 am might mean a coffee break or cigarette break. 1:00 pm might be lunch, 4:00 pm means clock out, and 8:00 pm might mean your TV show is starting, etc... so most don't think in terms of 24 hours in the day but numbers on a circular sphere. The military does that's one of the reasons why they do 5 to 10 times more in one day than most civilians dream of doing.
  2. 1440TIME™ is broken down into 1440 units of time (minutes) rather than the 12 units of time with our current system, which equals a 12,000% increase in the number. Time, now registers in the mind as minutes, rather the antiquated hour model that has been used for thousands of years for times that it was suited for. But for the internet and computer age we are in now, I don't think so... 
  3. 1440TIME™ works in a declining fashion (patent pending) like the sun itself... It's straight time left in the day, much like how the farmers work their fields! There is no 9:00 o'clock, 11:00 o'clock, etc... They work alongside the natural laws of time, which is with the sun! It rises in the morning, ascends until 12:00 then starts in decline until dusk then darkness sets in. 

Let's look at a few examples:

Now for real-time 1440TIME™. First I have the nano, micro, second and minute digital time below to look at, why, because I have to calibrate you to 1440TIME™, and all you have to do is look at the nano for 15 seconds, then the micro, the second, and the minute for one minute. It will take less then two minutes to complete. Start now...

Now that your done you will be able to zone in on the 1440TIME™ watch. You can see in the white box 1440TIME™ working, that's how many slow minutes you still have left in your day!  Cool huh!!!!! Now, who doesn't have 15 minutes for this or 20 minutes for that? And watch how slow time becomes now....

1440TIME™ Practice Time

It's easy once you see it a few ways and a few times
Just go through them one by one.
At the bottom of the page, we have the patent clocks in real time.
                                                                                                         Patent No.9,594,352

Take a look at the real-time clocks below