Speed it up to Slow it all Down! It's Calibration time... Come on... Let's Celebrate! Reload 1440TIME™ Here!!

Days and Minutes still left in your 2018 Season!

Wow, that minute in the middle is slow!!! Okay, now that you have calibrated and think1440, you see how slow time really is. Look at the minutes left today, and look at the minutes left in the year!! That's so much time. So, relax... time is on your side. Time serves you now. You are the boss!!  Control the clock control the game... 

Enjoy one on me...


The Minute Countdown Clock  Patent No. 9594352

The enhanced countdown timer displays the full 24-hour day by counting the minutes left, rather than following the typical 12-hour format. The 1440 clock introduces a unique perspective on how time is perceived. Instead of showing how much time has passed in two cycles like conventional clocks, it counts down the remaining minutes of the day. This innovative design can be found in both analog and digital forms. By segmenting time into finer units, the invention reshapes how individuals view and relate to the passage of time, aiding in driving motivation, prioritizing tasks, and fostering a greater appreciation for personal time. Additionally, the continuous countdown emphasizes the importance of time, reminding users that once the time elapses, it's irretrievable.

1440TIME 1440

Many people have difficulty planning their schedules on a daily basis. This is partly caused by the fact that the current mechanical standard 12-hour clock is archaic and devalues accountability and ownership of time. It tells time but doesn't measure time! The 12-hour clock has conditioned people to think of time in terms of a relatively small number of discrete intervals. This is not conducive to today's society, which is fast-paced and requires more and more individual time on a daily basis. People are always postponing or failing to complete tasks because they believe that there is not enough time left to complete those tasks since time is traditionally organized in such large intervals. When an individual only has one hour left to complete a task, they often feel as though that is only enough time to complete that one task, regardless of how long it actually takes, because they only have one unit of time to perform it. In reality, that individual has sixty units of time, i.e. minutes, and an individual could squeeze value out of all sixty of those minutes if their brain was programmed to think that way. This setup encourages individuals to view time in a more organic fashion, rather than as a relatively small number of discrete units because the entire day is laid out before an individual as 1,440 units instead of 24 units. And the actual 12 units, since most people live by and only know the 12/12 repeat clock below.
to using 1440TIME in lieu of a standard 12-hour analog clock. The primary benefit of 1440TIME™ is that it more closely aligns with the speed at which modern individuals process and get information. With this vast array of information and technology available to the general population today, people can now complete tasks in minutes instead of hours... days instead weeks... weeks instead of months, and months instead of years. However, the traditional clock and calendar system have not changed to recognize this shift.

It is inefficient for individuals to be planning their tasks based on a time system built on hours when tasks rarely take that long. Such a system leads to wasted time that could be used more efficiently. 

Push harder... we only have until 4 to get our work done!!

Relax...you have plenty of time! That old hour-clock is outdated for our modern era! We now process by minutes and you have 480 minutes until 4:00 o'clock... If you work smart and think by the minute... you will have all your work done by 1:00 o'clock. Then you can get out of here and get to the gym: read some great books, go shopping at the mall, go paddle boarding, and still have plenty of time to sit down and have a nice dinner at home!

Remember, the counting down of those minutes adds the secret sauce...'sense of urgency'. We always seem to perform a little better and move a little quicker when up against the clock!

Take a look at the newest timepiece in the 


 It is the 21st Century Sundial! 

How cool is that! Love the sun and the moon too! Tells you what time it is but also minutes left in your day "same thing" just in a different way... Sound like Steve Jobs?

"Measured Time"
Most anything worth its value or weight is measured in some way! Imagine going to the Doctor and nothing is measured, or the pilot before takeoff, the engineer building the bridge, or the carpenter working on your deck in the backyard!? Exactly!!!!
But we don't measure time...! Wow?

"What gets measured gets managed"-- Peter Drucker

Both countdowns below show how much time is left in our 2018 season... One uses days and the other uses minutes. I use the word season or campaign but never year! Much like a professional athlete would say, "I am going to have a great 2018 season"... It has a much different feel to it than our outdated calendar system down below. 

Both countdown systems work the same way on a yearly basis... by slowing time down and giving that sense of urgency feel for employees and ourselves... so let's rock this 2018 season!! But the yearly minute countdown gives an even greater perception of having even more time!!

"Ownership of understanding, is motivation in itself"

The Four Timepieces Known and Used In Our World Today

  1. The standard clock 
  2. Military Time 24 
  3. 1440TIME 
  4. 'Slow' Time

Let's look at the first three: 

Now let's take a look at the second newest time piece in the world today...

'Slow' a Swiss watch company

Check out their website if you want to know more about 'Slow'

The Concept Quickly: Slows time down perceptional in a natural way

The Core of the slow watch is the 24-hour one-handed concept. The 24-hour one-hand watch allows you to see the entire day in one view and experience time in a natural way. This fundamentally changes the way you look at your watch and will give you a much better consciousness about the progression of your day. 

Does Anybody Really know What Time it is?

“As I s walking down the street one day, a man came up to me and asked me what the time was that was on my watch, and I said…Does anybody really know what time it is, does anybody really care….?”

Who remembers that song from Chicago 1969? Even though I was only eight then, I was still affected by the music and the moments of that time. The speed of our lives has changed since those 60s and 70s, much the way the vinyl 33-rpm records have changed to WAV files. It is my view that the current standard clock and calendar have most on automatic pilot! Our mind is so easily distracted; there is so much to do, so much going on, and so much to hear that we lose sight of the now. 

So much to do so little time!!!

1440TIME™ is the premium time clock for the 21st century. It is a superior upgrade from the old time standard clock from thousands of years ago, no longer compatible with the speed of life in 2017.  Its effect is like the way time feels when we change our clocks back in the fall, we get that “extra hour” of time on the clock. We have more time and we’re not rushing around in the morning.  Boy does that illusion of getting twenty-five hours that day feel good. 

Take a look at the two 1440TIMEpatent minute countdown clocks below. It is time to recalibrate the old standard version of our clock-time reality passed down from centuries ago, to an entirely new and different way to look at time. It is the first step to restoring clock time order in your life. 

1440TIME™ takes the 12/12 repeat clock put into place thousands of years ago out of the equation. It measures 1440 fractal units or minutes that we have each day, then counting them down 1440-0

1440TIME™ is designed to disrupt your current clock-time thinking around minutes in your day not hours. Where each minute is as intrinsically valuable as the next, utilizing the countdown of those minutes to create a sense of urgency and making time tangible! Measuring versus telling time!?


Time and the passage of time mean different things to different people. But we can all agree that the pendulum of time keeps on tickin’, one second at a time. Just as the pendulum swings back and forth, so do we, thinking about the memories (even days, hours and minutes ago) of the past and our anticipations (even days, hours and minutes from now) of the future, then back to the present. 

The now is all there is, and it's the now's that ultimately create your future, not your past?



The now is all we have and it is all we’ve ever had. Even though we know this at a deeper level to be true, it seems so hard to stay on track in our fast past world. Our mind is so easily distracted; there is so much to do, so much going on, and so much to hear that we lose sight of the now. We get lost and wrapped up in the clock and calendar of our existence—which becomes the now. And those series of now’s become the story (journey) or even purpose without knowing it. Life has become a chain of time limitations; a sequence of appointments, birthdays, TV shows, holidays, jobs, events, weekends, and ultimately the illusion of time passing by quickly. 

So, what can we do? How can we slow it down, make it more fulfilling, purposeful, fun, productive, loving, enjoyable, and yes, even more money! There’s hope! Since 1440TIME™ is always in the now, even if you drift back to the past or into the future, it acts like a buoy, keeping you in place (the now), not allowing you to drift away into the abyss.
Bring me back!!!

Welcome back to the NOW... to the exact minutes left left on this date in time... The past are just memories; should've, would've or could've, and if you have a challenge that might occur in the future, what can you do about it right now that could elevate or eradicate that possible challenge!?

Measured Time? What a Concept! Viking Founder

We measure everything that's significant, yet we've never thought of measuring TIME? Sure we might say the plane leaves in three hours, or my appointment is next Tuesday, and the game starts at 8:00 PM, but that's not the TIME I am talking about?And what is that measuring anyway? Think about it? The time until the plane leaves, what time your appointment is, and what time the game starts, is just telling you a time to do something! Measured TIME is taking the one earth day 24 hours we all get every day, breaking those hours down to minutes 1,440 and counting them down until zero, which is midnight. The name of the day in the week and what the number says on a clock is a sidebar to the bigger reality.


Time the only one thing we don't have enough of

Measured TIME is the simplest no cost invention ever made or thought of!

Sleep Zone and Having a Purpose

The 1440 Power System® has SLEEP as the most important zone of the day, without a good night sleep consistently, the two other zones will suffer...sooner or later!

Why six hours isn't enough sleep 

Remember The 1440 Power System® is the connector to 1440TIME™ below and has three easy understanding zones to think by: SLEEP/LIVELIHOOD/ON-TIME

ON-TIME is the difference maker for those who want more than just a job and is where a lot of people find purpose. Many do find purpose in their job but many many do not! I bring this up "having a purpose" because a recent study shows having a purpose in life, specifically results in fewer sleep disturbances and improved sleep quality and over a long period of time!


Date: Monday, March 2, 2009

 "Sleep is important as a major component of good health. A lack of sleep, or a poor quality of sleep, can sabotage a person’s health goals and impair their safety. Many patients would have had to spend less time in a hospital or ER if they discovered the importance of a good night's sleep. We tend to treat sleep as a health non-entity instead of a vital component to a healthy lifestyle. It is past time that the medical community “wakes people up” to the importance of a proper amount and quality of sleep. This will make our patients healthier, and our roads safer."

Jack a New and different way to view Clock Time...

Hi, Jack I met you back at the BESTSELLER BLUEPRINT conference in Philadelphia September 2012.

My name is Kevin McGrane and I introduced you to my patent pending my 'Minute Countdown Clock' concept, "1440TIME", as you were heading to the elevator to leave the conference... You found it quite intriguing and gave me your business card. I also gave you one of my shirts. At that time my patent was pending, so couldn't go into that much detail. The shirt had this logo in it.

I learned a lot at the Bestseller Blueprint conference and had the honor to listen and to meet you! But before that, I was very familiar with ‘Your Success Principles” and of course, 'The Secret'.  

Jack everybody out there has missed this simple hidden in plain sight clock-time secret! I stumbled upon this in the beginning of my 2007 tax season, purely by the necessity of needing more time! This is the single greatest change in the way we look at TIME in our human history? 

  1. It slows and expands the perceptional time (6,000%-12,000%) one has in a day! 
  2. It gives a small daily dose of that "sense of urgency" feeling that keeps us alive and hungry!
  3. It makes you accountable for your time and puts a massive halt to "TFS" Times Fault Syndrome"! You now must own it after all, since TIME stands for Things I Must Earn...? Who else you would?
  4. It is fully functional, precise, resets at midnight 1440-0 and even though I don't see mainstream using it right out of the gate, but no one thought Apple would be where they are, except Steve Jobs. 
  5. And most important for the anyone, not just "higher thinkers", it is a simple way to keep anyone in the NOW all day every day!

Jack, I finally received my patent and finished two books that go along with the new time clock invention. You inspired me to hang in there, do the hard work, believe in yourself and dream big. I have worked nonstop on this new time paradigm and received my patent March 14, 2017, in addition to that I have a Registered Trade Mark on The 1440 Power System® and pending on 1440TIME™. 

It has been ten years since I stumble upon this minute concept thinking while getting ready for my 2007 tax season and I believe that 1440TIME™ is here and has a place right now, whether used for personal growth, self-motivated, entrepreneurs, and S&P 500 companies.  
And why not CSSE! It's a simple but an innovative way that uses TIME "countdown style" to create a small dose of "sense of urgency", now taking time from intangible to tangible!  It will help any Motivational, Time Management or Productivity book or training immediately because all are missing the secret sauce…            1440TIME™ and the 1440 Power System®.

It's a simple but innovative way that uses TIME "countdown style" to create a small dose of "sense of urgency", now taking time from intangible to tangible!  


There are 1,440 minutes in a day, and when put that clock face over a 24-hour clock it works the same way except, instead of hours counting up, I have the minutes counting down, just like the sun does all day. It's the 21st-century sundial clock.

By wearing a 1440TIME™ watch on your wrist or having it on your smartphone as an App, you can always be in the now at a glance! Plus it keeps time even when the sun goes down!

Let me show you a few live demonstrations that I made.
Click links:

First 1440TIME™ Clock

Clock Gallery

The 1440 Power System

Minute Thinking

Theoretical of 1440Time

Expand and Slow Time


The 1440 Power System® is using 1440TIME broken down into three zones of the day.

Jack, I know you're a man still on a mission even though you have done some much already in your life. I believe with your resume and vision, you can help bring 1440TIME™ and its concepts to light... giving the gift of time to millions. 

Jack, I would love to work with you on this and you are the first person I am asking. Please look everything over and let me know what you think. I am ready to move forward right now with you as a partner. 

I will be in Las Vegas for my H&R BLOCK tax conference November 4-8. I have a franchise here LI, NY and made the top 100 out of 1,600 again this year. I also am #1 out of 100,000 tax pros in all of H&R BLOCK, for the number of returns prepared in a tax season. It is impossible to beat me using my time construct versus the others that use the Standard Time Clock. 
Block is on my radar since I already have proof of concept with them for three years now.   

Thank you so much,

Kevin McGrane
(631) 513-9236 Cell
(631) 946-8811 Business
(631) 736-1219 Home

Think Outside the Clock  

GroundHogs Day


How is your life? Are you where you thought you would be right now, as you look back when you were 25,30,35, 40, or 50? Have your dreams faded off into the sunset, as time seems to be moving faster by now, having this sick feeling in your gut that life is passing you by?

It's time to get unstuck!!!