Speed it up to Slow it all Down! It's Calibration time... Come on... Let's Celebrate! Reload 1440TIME™ Here!!

Days and Minutes still left in your 2018 Season!

Wow, that minute in the middle is slow!!! Okay, now that you have calibrated and think1440, you see how slow time really is. Look at the minutes left today, and look at the minutes left in the year!! That's so much time. So, relax... time is on your side. Time serves you now. You are the boss!!  Control the clock control the game... 

Enjoy one on me...


The Minute Countdown Clock  Patent No. 9594352

The enhanced countdown timer displays the full 24-hour day by counting the minutes left, rather than following the typical 12-hour format. The 1440 clock introduces a unique perspective on how time is perceived. Instead of showing how much time has passed in two cycles like conventional clocks, it counts down the remaining minutes of the day. This innovative design can be found in both analog and digital forms. By segmenting time into finer units, the invention reshapes how individuals view and relate to the passage of time, aiding in driving motivation, prioritizing tasks, and fostering a greater appreciation for personal time. Additionally, the continuous countdown emphasizes the importance of time, reminding users that once the time elapses, it's irretrievable.

1440TIME 1440

Many people have difficulty planning their schedules on a daily basis. This is partly caused by the fact that the current mechanical standard 12-hour clock is archaic and devalues accountability and ownership of time. It tells time but doesn't measure time! The 12-hour clock has conditioned people to think of time in terms of a relatively small number of discrete intervals. This is not conducive to today's society, which is fast-paced and requires more and more individual time on a daily basis. People are always postponing or failing to complete tasks because they believe that there is not enough time left to complete those tasks since time is traditionally organized in such large intervals. When an individual only has one hour left to complete a task, they often feel as though that is only enough time to complete that one task, regardless of how long it actually takes, because they only have one unit of time to perform it. In reality, that individual has sixty units of time, i.e. minutes, and an individual could squeeze value out of all sixty of those minutes if their brain was programmed to think that way. This setup encourages individuals to view time in a more organic fashion, rather than as a relatively small number of discrete units because the entire day is laid out before an individual as 1,440 units instead of 24 units. And the actual 12 units, since most people live by and only know the 12/12 repeat clock below.
to using 1440TIME in lieu of a standard 12-hour analog clock. The primary benefit of 1440TIME™ is that it more closely aligns with the speed at which modern individuals process and get information. With this vast array of information and technology available to the general population today, people can now complete tasks in minutes instead of hours... days instead weeks... weeks instead of months, and months instead of years. However, the traditional clock and calendar system have not changed to recognize this shift.

It is inefficient for individuals to be planning their tasks based on a time system built on hours when tasks rarely take that long. Such a system leads to wasted time that could be used more efficiently. 

Push harder... we only have until 4 to get our work done!!

Relax...you have plenty of time! That old hour-clock is outdated for our modern era! We now process by minutes and you have 480 minutes until 4:00 o'clock... If you work smart and think by the minute... you will have all your work done by 1:00 o'clock. Then you can get out of here and get to the gym: read some great books, go shopping at the mall, go paddle boarding, and still have plenty of time to sit down and have a nice dinner at home!

Remember, the counting down of those minutes adds the secret sauce...'sense of urgency'. We always seem to perform a little better and move a little quicker when up against the clock!

Take a look at the newest timepiece in the 


 It is the 21st Century Sundial! 

Swiffy output
How cool is that! Love the sun and the moon too! Tells you what time it is but also minutes left in your day "same thing" just in a different way... Sound like Steve Jobs?

"Measured Time"
Most anything worth its value or weight is measured in some way! Imagine going to the Doctor and nothing is measured, or the pilot before takeoff, the engineer building the bridge, or the carpenter working on your deck in the backyard!? Exactly!!!!
But we don't measure time...! Wow?

"What gets measured gets managed"-- Peter Drucker

Both countdowns below show how much time is left in our 2018 season... One uses days and the other uses minutes. I use the word season or campaign but never year! Much like a professional athlete would say, "I am going to have a great 2024 season"... It has a much different feel to it than our outdated calendar system down below. 

Both countdown systems work the same way on a yearly basis... by slowing time down and giving that sense of urgency feel for employees and ourselves... so let's rock this 2024 season!! But the yearly minute countdown gives an even greater perception of having even more time!!

"Ownership of understanding, is motivation in itself"