Activate Your Time Awareness System (TAS)

Here’s an exercise you can try to activate your Time Awareness System right now. It will take less the two minutes...

Watch the milliseconds below for just twenty seconds, as time moves into hyper-speed and your brain calibrates to it.

Wait until it comes around to zero to begin.

Take a deep breath, hold it for one minute. Watch and count every second,
as you follow below. Note how long a second really is when you are actively counting them down right before your eyes. A minute now will seem much slower to get to. 
While you count and time passes, focus on each second, feel and pay attention to the passage of time that has your Time Awareness Activated.
Holding your breath forces you to be aware in this moment, recognizing all what is going on. When your minute is up take a deep breadth in, and recall the passage of time. Try to recreate that focus, and attentive state. You may not be able to do this at first but with enough practice you should be able to.