Think different!!! 

You don't know how to access time because you think  time is a clock...!


This is real, so just go through it for a minute...

Count to 20 while watching the Nano (one-billionth of a second) You'll need good internet speed.
Super-fast and can barely make out any numbers! 

1440TIME Declining Minute Clock

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The digital numbers inside the 1440Clock™ are how many minutes left to this date in time. The inside numbers are the 12/12 repeat standard clock time like a clock to the right. The standard mechanical clock still used today doesn’t fit the speed of velocity for today’s technological world! It doesn’t comply with our real needs: the needs of us, the doers, the mover and shakers, the ones looking to break out, or who have already broken out but want even more in this incredible time on this planet!  The standard mechanical clock has most programmed to feel and respond to numbers on a circular sphere twice a day. By using a countdown of the minutes you have left in your day this activates what I call "time awareness" and most of all it delivers that small dose of "sense of urgency".

It’s great fuel when you need a spark to activate that motivation already in us.  This cannot be achieved by simply looking at the standard clock.

The countdown method using minutes left in the day is similar to timers used by highly productive people to get things done at home or business. I use the TimeTimer® in my tax business and many times year round for all sorts of things that must get done as quick as possible.
Time Timer PLUS: Family Life-Changer, Guaranteed. from Time Timer on Vimeo.
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Timers, in the face of 21st-century technological marvels, can appear as antiquated as steam engines and telegraphs. The simple timer, however, is one of the most useful productivity tools around. 

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When you see 1440Time at 640 it takes on a different mindset then the traditional standard clock-time 1:20 pm on say it was Saturday doesn't it? One is Groundhog Day, just another Saturday on another weekend, in another month, in another year for many.