Minute Thinking for the Minute World!!!

Imagine seeing this at the Orlando Airport while approaching the Security Checkpoint!!

One hour or 60 minutes...

So, you think they are the same? The hour thinking world is a thing of the past! The world today is nothing like it was 2000 years ago or even 30 years ago, but we are still using the same hour mind set, clock, and calendar system in 2018! Think about it?

              ARE EVERY WHERE
You see these signs all over now!!!

News 12 Long Island Television

Orlando Airport
Amount of wait-time to pass the security checkpoint
Minutes are used everywhere in our modern society now, working inside the hour time frame, and when the countdown of those minutes are applied, time soon becomes tangible and manageable for the brain. Meaning, when we add a timeline (a start and end point), the mind settles down, knowing how long something will take, relaxes it and makes it manageable. Ok it says, I have 26 minutes to the Brooklyn Bridge, that's not bad? If you are in a traffic jam, or on a long line at an airport, the brain has no point of reference to how much time it will take, so 'time' becomes magnified therefor slows. The uncertainty of how long it will tale comes into play. That's why music plays, or a recording tells you how long the wait will be while waiting on hold on the phone. 

    "Control the Clock, Control the Game"

Just Say NO to the Hour!
It's contaminated with sub-standard thinking!!!


The old standard clock just doesn't cut it anymore in our modern times. Backward thinking and conventional wisdom don't apply here! 1440TIME™ is the new Gold Standard for clock time in our modern world. The combination of using minutes (instead of hours) and those minutes counting down throughout the day, will chang the game as we know it. A clock now that measures time (keeps you in the now and accountable) and not just tells you what time it is!

Once you look at and calibrate to time this way (declining minutes left in your day), you will have more time! Is it just perception? So what it if it is! If you had to watch a shadow move while out in the sun for 10 minutes or watch a pot of water boil, they would seem longer? And just imagine your head being held underwater for only one minute? How long would that minute feel? What you focus on expands, and once it expands, the brain starts to see time differently. It will break things or tasks down that you have to get done into measured minutes, no longer seeing hours to get something done! 


 The number you see in the white box is the number of minutes you have left on this date in time. Surely you have time for most anything when you look at it this way! 


I didn’t invent the concept of this new time-clock. I took an idea already in place for thousands of years and reinvented it for the 21st century. My desire to be better and always wanting more lead me to take something hidden in plain sight for all to see, transform it into a powerful motivational tool, and a new way to experience time altogether. And when mixed with today's technology, a sparkling cocktail of useful time and information is served. Where anyone can become better than they are right now. But remember, all I am offering is the truth, nothing more.


I was blind, now I see.

 Don't ask yourself what the world needsask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do it
 Howard Thurman

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