Slow Down Time while Increasing the Processing Speed of the Brain

Are you living in someone else’s time? Or maybe in a matrix, a simulated reality of past civilizations’ clocks and calendar systems? Having you out of sync with time in the twenty-first century and don’t even know it…?

Hey...this sundial watch stills works least for twelve hours it does.... 

                                                                                                  XV VI XLIV BC

“What happens depends on our way of observing it or
on the fact that we observe it.” — Werner Heisenberg

In a moment we will begin the process of slowing down time while increasing the processing speed of your brain. Before we do I will need your full attention for just five quiet minutes, also refrain from:
  • Phone calls
  • Texts
  • Emails
  • Kids
  • Bathroom
  • TV

Even though the exercise is fast and easy, I do need your focus.

The time you know, the time you have learned, has been passed down from generations.  It has never been questioned by most, it is what it is, the CLOCK.  What is there to know? Well, I believe it has your brain still processing time the way man did thousands of years ago, by hours and days. Let me ask you a question, are we still using a dial-up connection to get on the Internet, using a computer from 1999? Are we still using the record player? Are we still using the camel, the horse, or the telegraph to get information in 2013?

Why hasn’t the way we process time advanced as well? Is it not possible, since we are using a time system from thousands of years ago when information took days, weeks, months, and even years to be delivered, and the amount of information available was minuscule compared to what the brain has to process today that our calibration with time is off for the twenty-first century? Hence, why so many feel what I call Time-Inflation eroding way their precious time, as it seems to be running too fast, never enough, and the years are accelerating by?

Today information travels in seconds across the globe, but like malware in a computer, does the out-dated chronometer of the past have the processing speed of our brain compromised? 

I believe so....

Hence the 1440 Power System.  

Just think of the 1440 Power System as the fiber-optic equivalent to clock-time for the twenty-first century!

The 1440 Power System not only calibrates your brain to the speed of today, but also slows down your day.

Some people might think this new idea, or concept of time is crazy, but look at how the herd viewed Christopher Columbus in the 1492 when he insisted that the world was round. The herd sure changed its mind, didn’t it, when ol’ Chris discovered America?

 Calibrate: to correct or adjust

Look at this simple baseball example of how calibration works.

Your at batting range and there are four speeds:
Super Fast (100mph)
Fast (90mph)
Medium (80mph)
Slow (70mph)
  1. Step into Super Fast cage (100mph) and watch the ball whiz by twenty times.
  2. Step into the Fast cage (90mph) and the ball now appears slower
  3. Step into the Medium cage (80mph), the ball looks like a softball coming at you.
  4. Finally step into Slow cage (70mph), the ball looks like a basketball coming at you, and can be easily hit.
This is a simple but effective example of how our brain works and calibrates for the speed of the ball coming at you. 

Another one would be a technique used for speed reading; the drill has 10,000 words of a story flashing across your computer screen for twenty seconds, descending to 5,000, 2,500, 1,000, 750, and finally down to 300 words a minute, (the average speed most can read is about 200wpm). By the time you get to 650wpm on the screen it is slow and 250wpm is like reading a 1st grade level book.

So why can't  we use these same techniques for TIME itself?

Let's see what this would look.

Watch for 15 seconds                                       Watch for 10 seconds
Super Fast (100mph)Nanoseconds                    Fast (90mph) Milliseconds  

    Amazing how the milliseconds, yes milliseconds... now appear slower.....


Watch for 15 seconds                      Now let's see if you can wait a full minute?

Medium (80mph) Seconds             Slow (70mph) Minutes

Interesting huh!!

“Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.” 

The millisecond is already used at the highest levels of sporting competition (e.g. Basketball, Hockey and the Olympics). The millisecond is needed to get the winner right, as the second is just to slow for what's at stake $$$...

Let's start the calibration process now. Find a quiet place for five minutes and get ready to clear your mind.

Step 1.  Calibrating the human computer (Nanoseconds)

Breathe in deeply.... and breathe out.... Breathe in a deep time expansion and breadth out all you old beliefs about time that you've learned; like the word hour, the clock, like time is running too fast, that you never have enough, and simply get ready to concentrate on the nanoseconds flashing by below. Concentrate now...on the nanoseconds, as you do the re-calibration  process of your brain has begun, as time will start to slow...

Concentrate now.., and you are concentrating perfectly. It will take less than 30 seconds for this step to be completed, as Random  Access Memory (RAM) is being added to your human computer before we enter the slower seconds to follow.  Breadth in deeply.... and breadth out.... Concentrate. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. 

It's time to move to the ever slower seconds now in step two of the calibration process. Proceed below.

Step 2. Time Slows (Seconds)

Watch the seconds for twenty seconds below and feel the time begin to slow... As time is now being added to your day...

The calibration process has now begun to work. You will never look or think of a second the same way again. 

Breadth in deeply...... and breadth out....... On each and every easy breadth you take, time becomes ever slower... and slower...

In ten seconds we'll be leaving the world of nanoseconds, and entering the world of time seen through eyes of a turtle.  5 4 3 2 1

Say good bye to the fast paced world of nanoseconds, and say hello to a world of time seen through the eyes of a turtle...


Step 3.  Time seen through my eyes (minutes)

"Slow and steady always wins the race"

Hello, my name is Professor Turtle and welcome... Sit back, relax, and enjoy this tranquil journey for a few moments, as I take you into my world... So take a break from the fast-paced life of Mr. Rabbit just for a moment.
    Hurry up and slow down...

Mr. Rabbit is always in such a hurry, always rushing, and always being controlled by a clock and calendar. Where does it end?

When you control the clock you control the game.....

Let's get back to my world... and watch the ever slow minute below for at least two of them, if you can... as the calibrating process of your human computer is nearly finished. Think like a turtle and enjoy this time...

Time has slowed and you now think in turtle minutes, all 60 to be enjoyed, savored and appreciated. You now know you really do have plenty of time (hours) in a day. It's all matter of perception and perception is reality (minutes).  

When you change the clock, you change the game.

One hour for you is now 60 turtle minutes to do anything with. You realize how long a minute is, and how much your brain can truly process in those minutes.  You are now a T.H.D. (A Doctor of Thinkology). No longer able to blame time or your brains, for most things you can't do or don't know!

“Think and wonder, wonder and think.” —Dr. Seuss

Take a look at the watch below. It is the New Premium 1440Time watch. The minutes are counting down from 1440, the minutes in one Earth Day (24 x 60= 1,440) 

This watch is your own personal GPS, allowing you and reminding you of where you are in this date in time. Showing you how many slow minutes you have left to live, laugh, love, learn, think, play,  and yes, even to make more money.


 What made Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan better? Were they able to just get deeper in-the-zone ? Was the game just a bit slower for them in their minds, versus the others playing? 

The game is just slower in my mind....

For most others the game seems faster.....

When In-the-zone; your ability to concentrate is heightened, you to become more proficient at processing thoughts, memory is increased, decision-making, problem solving, and body coordination all amplified.

Is it possible we can learn to slow the clock down in our minds, the way these great athletes were able to slow a sports game down in theirs, by shifting to 1440Time, freeing ourselves from a paradigm (the mechanical standard clock) handed down from centuries past.


Welcome to Turtle Time

The number below are how many turtle minutes you have left today on this date in time forever!!!!

Time is really on you side....

Did you know that just twenty minutes a day in a year (7,300 minutes) is equal to three thirteen-week college courses. Think about  how much you would know about a topic after three college courses in any subject?

Your brain now is fully calibrated for the 21st century. Times Fault syndrome (TFS) can no longer exist in your thought process. You have the time for whatever you really want to do, and your excited to use it smartly and wisely. You realize we're all giving 1440 minutes a day do get the job done and more, and you appreciate all of them.

With the 1440 Power System you now have more time to think, write down your ideas, and cultivate a winning strategy for success. If your plan does’t work or needs tweaking , you have learned to fail forward fast. You make decisions quickly and take immediate action, and aren’t afraid to change course swiftly. You focus on Your Game…The Best Game in Town. 

So many people waste time and energy on things that are meaningless, or over which they have little or no control over. They sabotage their own game and wonder why things are not clicking, but not you... You value your time—knowing it's your rarest of commodities and treat it accordinglyYou believe your time is important and you’re serious about it, and keep a scorecard. You Know your handicap and track your progress to see whether your game is improving weekly. You start by keeping score of your free minutes (300-500); assigning fifteen, twenty, thirty or more of them for health, wealth and goals everyday, whether it's a short, medium, or a long range one. You are unstoppable, as time is your best ally and partner. 

“Time and I against any two.”— Baltasar Gracian Quotes 

“It's not the work that's hard, it's the discipline.” —Anonymous

That great thing is about turtle minutes is that you have plenty of time to relax, party and enjoy this great life too!!!

No worries here... 

Whatever you are doing at that time is where supposed to be.

So enjoy it..

Yes, even using your smart phone.
Just don't spend all day yapping, texting and surfing the net...especially while driving!

Remember the 1440 Power System

When sleeping, sleep well...

When working, work hard..$$$$$

When in your On-Time minutes (free-time)

Use smart, wise, and leave a little for your mind and body daily...

We still have plenty of time for you to complete the goal you set out with in January, just take a look below.... WOW!!!!!!!!!

Minutes left in 2017

So who doesn't have time!!!!!!!!!

Slow and steady always wins the race....

 Did you check out this date in time XV VI XLIV BC ?