Monday, June 4, 2018

1440TIME Watch Samples

Here are a few concept watches made using my Utility Patent 'Countdown Minute Clock'. The actual concept of creating a 1440TIME™ timepiece came to me five years after I finished my first book 'The Time Factor' that was my second flash of genius that hit me! The same standard clock still used today has never been upgraded for the speed of our modern day world! Everything evolves, but the clock hasn't!  

Many people read great motivational books and attend seminars to get back on track, but as time passes, the words, concepts and motivation wane. Hence, why Tony Robbins created Life Coaches to keep those going and engaged after the big high is over. With my work, you get to read my books to get the understanding and motivation, and wear a 1440TIME™ watch on your wrist or smartwatch to keep you motivated all day... every day! 

Ownership of understanding is motivation in itself! 

And since I use 'TIME' for the source that drives the motivation for everything you want in your life, when it is on your wrist daily as a reminder, you must own it!  For the one's who are already successful and rich, my 1440TIME™ timepiece only slows and expands time!! Leaving more fun for life itself... 

The idea is to license 1440TIME™ to any of the hundreds of watch companies out there.

All watches made by Flash-Clocks Marco Avila

US Patent

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