Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Magic Starts Now!!

Thank you for calibrating!

 It is part of the process to fully being able to enjoy the 1440EXPERIENCE and the Magic of 1440TIME™.


This is real, so just go through it for a minute...

Step One.

Count to 20 while watching the Nano (one-billionth of a second) 

Super-fast and can barely make out the numbers! 

Now take a look at milli (one-thousandth of a second) below for 10 seconds

Ahh... can make out most of the numbers now huh?  Now go back to the nano and back to the millisecond for a quick look.

Pretty neat...

Let's go further down the rabbit hole and move to the standard second that our brain is familiar with over the years.

How slow is that!!! Think about it? Look at it closely! 60 seconds is a long time!! How many things can your brain process right now within the next 60 seconds? Or try holding your breath for 60 seconds! When you break down the 1 minute into 60 seconds... the minute becomes slower!

Now, look at the minute below. I dare you to wait through one full measly minute!


                                                                                           Holy Cow! I get it!! A minute seems forever! Is time really moving slower now?

Amazing!!! How did I miss this!!

Now, let me see the newly patented Measured Time Clock called 1440TIME™ that have the movers and shakers buzzing about!

Pro-Active Time 
Time Serves You
This is the amount of time (minutes) you have left today Einstein. Wow! That is so much more perceptional time! 
 I would have been able to figure out Teleportation if I had this much more TIME!!!!

Now, let's go back to the Re-active Standard Clock 
You Serve Time

Big difference huh...!?
One clock tells you what time it is using numbers 1-12! The other uses a countdown of minutes left in your day that actually tells time but in a different measured (fractional values 1/60) countdown approach! One hour now becomes 60 separate minutes or 3,600 seconds! 
Using hour's today in our modern world is backward thinking! 
Now that you have gotten through step 1 of the calibration process, and have slowed down the clock in your mind by 12,000% perceptually, you are now ready to continue on back at the website.

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