Saturday, July 29, 2017

Expand & Slow Down Clock Time

Look under the microscope and begin your journey down the rabbit hole!!... 

The first thing you will see is that time is actually moving much much faster than the standard clock would have you believe! This is the first observation you need to make before you enter the 1440TIME experience...

This is the quick starter method to calibrate your brain, which will start to slow time down immediately... the effect is potent and real!! We will be is using relativity to slow down time... by first having you look at the Nanoseconds zooming by for 20 seconds, then to the Millisecond for 20 seconds, proceeding to the traditional second and finally to the minute. 

What happens is, as the brain processes the nano (one billionth of a second/super-fast) then moves to milliseconds (one-thousandth of a second/fast), the milli-seconds now slow and you're able to see the numbers passing by quite easy! Next, when you move to the traditional second...time now slows dramatically. Finally, watch the minute... and wait an entire minute to go by, if you can!? And yes, it will change... Amazing how long a minute will have seemed! 

  • Start by putting your hand over the millisecond to the right and look at the nanosecond for 20 billion nano-seconds or 20 seconds...
  • Now cover the nanosecond and look at the milliseconds for 20 thousand milliseconds or 20 seconds... Easier to see huh? That's relativity!

  • Now move down and look at the traditional slow is that!!!? 
  • Now take a look and see if you have enough patience to wait a full minute until the minute time changes!! I doubt it... Who has the time!

Let's put it all together and take a look at the 1440TIME™ watch and the minute portion the time of the day to the right.


When you look at the 1440TIME watch, you will see standard clock time on top and 1440TIME below under the Sun.  When you break time now down to minutes you just have more perceptional! And when you add the counting down feature of those minutes, they become tangible... more valuable, and a slight sense of urgency has now been created! 

And whatever time it is for you at this moment you're looking at this, look at the minutes you have left today! Ahh... a different perspective huh? Even if it's 9:00 p.m., you still have 180 slow calibrated minutes to work on that goal, don't you?  Or, just to enjoy the time before sleep, is all good too... It doesn't much matter!

The download process has begun. Let's get back to the website... we've much work to do.

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