Thursday, June 15, 2017


Streaming your way into the world of 1440Time™.

Why we need a new way to experience clock-time!

The two most significant perceptions are that we never seem to have an enough, and 'clock-time' seems to be moving way too fast by, as we get older—correct?  1440Time™ counteracts both of those erroneous perceptions, by slowing & expanding your perceptional reality of how the brain views time all together! 

The third one is real simple: It's the wrong blanking...time system for the 21st Century!!! Even if you think 1440TIME™ can't slow down time in reality, or your life is moving slow already, then just concentrate on the on the third reason then, it's a big enough one anyway! Stream your way into the 21st century and upgrade your processing speed of your brain!!

 Hey, you might be right about that, but it still works while the sun is up!

Why just have the sun caveman...? When you can have all the planets on an Apple watch today, and anything else you want to know at your fingertips in seconds?

Apple Watches

Welcome to the 21st century caveman!!

If everything is always changing and the speed of change is happening faster and faster, maybe a simple variation in the way we process time today is indeed in order?  

Are you learning as fast as the world is changing?

Samsung wearable-tech

Information and communication traveled at a snail's pace for eons, and now today we have smartphones and watches delivering information anywhere anytime in seconds in the palm of our hands or on our wrist! I mean think about it? What is so hard about the notion of a new way to process clock-time for the 21st century that pairs with today's technology, the speed at which information travels and the acceleration of knowledge that is available?  

The information highway has become the great equalizer to all who have access to the internet! Just about anyone today can learn whatever they want from the internet! That wasn't the case just fifteen or twenty years ago. So here are we today in 2018 the ability to learn anything and get the answers we want faster and simpler than ever....! But for many they just don't have enough time to figure this out or is it, it's just too easy to go with the crowd thinking?

Velocity in simple terms is the rate of speed that something happens. 

The 2008 Sichaun earthquake took a mere 7 minutes after it struck to travel 5,100 miles at an astonishing 38,250 mph!
Today in 2018 how about seconds!!!!!

So if the rate of speed measures the distance in the time it takes to get from point A to point B then how about the rate of speed that measures the time it takes to get information now? Today someone can find and get information for most anything in seconds; soon learn and apply that knowledge, and do something with it in blink time? Before the information highway, to get information might have taken days, weeks, months, years, or maybe you never understood what you were looking for! If we think of information as potential, then today we have unlimited potential at our disposal! That potential is exploited already daily by many mindful and business people, and the granddaddy Wall St., known as the "producers" of the time already, but unfortunately for Main St., this great potential is relegated to mostly entertainments and convenience uses, also known as the "consumers" of time...! Again, great for us capitalist!!

The future is here. It's just not widely distributed yet.—William Gibson

Here is a little something related to velocity for you baseball fans:

With many more pitchers now in the major leagues throwing the baseball over 100 mph for more extended periods of time and the relievers that can do the same from the 6th inning on, is altering the balance of power. The athletes today are better equipped, have better training methods, better nutritional regimens, and have more defined roles. For example; a relief pitcher might just pitch the 7th inning, or even just one batter, so they can go all out and throw as hard as they can, knowing they might only throw ten pitches or even just three, maybe even one.

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